If you’re moving abroad, forever or temporarily, or you’re returning to the UK, you’ll have to always check just exactly just how this impacts any benefits you’re claiming.

Whether you’ll still qualify for benefits depends on where you’re going and just how really miss or where you stand coming back from.

Exactly exactly What can I do if I’m moving abroad?

If you’re moving abroad, you need to notify:

  • Her Majesty’s Income and Customs (HMRC)
  • the local council, and present them a forwarding target
  • the Global Pension Centre.

If you’re claiming any benefits and intending to keep the UK, just because it is simply for a trip, you’ll should also inform the appropriate advantage offices – see Who to get hold of below for details.

To discover more on exactly what might happen in case of the united kingdom’s exit through the EU, visit gov.uk/guidance/advice-for-british-nationals-travelling-and-living-in-europe . You can also find advice about particular countries and join for email alerts on gov.uk/uk-nationals-living-eu.

Am I going to manage to claim advantages when I’m abroad?

Various advantages have actually various guidelines; maybe you are in a position to claim some benefits abroad, especially if you’re in A european financial area (EEA) nation or Switzerland. Utilize the device on gov.uk/uk-benefits-abroad to discover more regarding certain advantages in various nations.

Impairment Benefits: Attendance Allowance (AA), Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Disability allowance that is livingDLA)

If you’re going abroad temporarily, you are able to keep claiming these advantages for approximately 13 months. If you’re going abroad for hospital treatment, this could be extended to 26 months, but you’d want to get contract ahead of time through the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Continue reading