as numerous hypothesized, the secret bride should indeed be from a stock picture

CONCEPT: It’s Rose DeWitt-Bukater!

THE FACTS: It’s Emma!

“i stumbled upon the picture in a mag,” Macleod claims. Understanding the shot he discovered had been a fantastic depiction of exactly what he envisioned and which he would not manage to replicate it, he monitored down the owner.

Enter Jean-Paul Nacivet.

The French professional photographer worked with as much as 30 stock agencies within the ‘90s, delivering photos he shot, frequently on his very own accord (and dime), to organizations all over the world. “I used to assemble models in Paris and go directly to the Maldives, the Caribbean, Bora Bora, et cetera,” he claims.

The shot under consideration ended up being from a 1992 session on a single of Nacivet’s properties in Vincelottes, a tiny town approximately 100 kilometers south of Paris. Their staff coordinated dresses and matches from fashion labels, and while he would with any shoot, he made certain to foster a feeling of fun and joy on location (think “champagne and lobsters and therefore on”). Pleased models make delighted photos.

As a result of substantial and archiving that is intricate Nacivet has most of the documents. He knows the shoot took place 23; he knows the dress came from Cymbeline Paris; he knows he shot on Fuji Velvia film; he knows the art director and two assistants who were on hand april. And, he understands the true title of this model.

Our secret Mamma Mia! logo design. We’ll keep their surnames anonymous.

The shoot, as Nacivet recalls, seemingly have been as nonchalant and easygoing as the professional professional photographer, whom talked from their studio in Bali, Indonesia. When it comes to aerial impact, he climbed a tree, chopping branches himself until he got a vantage point that is clear. “Every time a movie roll had been finished,” he claims, it down to my assistant from the tree“ I just threw. The roll was traveling, and my associate ended up being simply getting it.”

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