Operator of passenger and cargo liner solutions between Australia, Southeast Asia while the china

Pre-P&O Years

Created in 1873, the Eastern and Australian ‘Mail’ Steamship business Ltd was this product of the agreement between your federal Government of Queensland and four Uk and merchants that are australian carry mails between Singapore, the Dutch East Indies, Queensland and Sydney (later stretching to Hong Kong and Melbourne). In 1880 the mail agreement had not been renewed and also the initial business had been later ended up. a company that is new created, The Eastern and Australian Steamship Company Ltd, because it had been now called, focused its resources regarding the Australia to Hong Kong route, sooner or later spreading further eastern to Shanghai and Japan holding people and cargo.

In old age, E&A encountered intense competition from Asia Navigation business and Japan’s Nippon Yusen Kaisha, culminating when you look at the takeover of E&A by Lord Inchcape in 1918 asian mail order brides. Continue reading