Teen girls in Lebanon.How Women Are taking a stand for son or daughter

“I am convinced that no woman should get married ahead of the chronilogical age of 18. However when it comes down to reality, it really is various.”

Rabat – One 12 months ago, “Young 3arouss” (young bride) adverts showed up on Lebanese Facebook and Instagram reports. The articles, showing stock pictures of girls, offered contact information to prepare wedding deals when it comes to minors.

A preliminary Lebanese outcry had been loud and upset. Then, the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering (RDFL) unveiled which they had created the fake posts to boost understanding for the problem that is real.

The activist team not merely sparked awareness about son or daughter marriage, in addition they lured clients. guys called the figures making provides and speaking by themselves up as possible husbands. The team later published many of these phone calls online.

“What ended up being frightening, is exactly how many guys called to ask about this, and providing the operator a kind of ‘CV’ them up with an underage girl to marry,” wrote one Lebanese blogger that they had a house, enough money and come from a ‘good family’ to try and convince the operator to set. Continue reading