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Candidates were nominated from among the judges of the Supreme Court, common courts, administrative courts and military courts. Marshal of the Sejm to nominate candidates immediately notify the Members and has given them to the public. Then the Speaker of Parliament calls on the parliamentary clubs to identify reported among people, within seven days, candidates for Council members. Each club has a parliamentary point of not more than 9 possible candidates. The appropriate parliamentary committee selecting from among the persons designated by the clubs is to establish a list of fifteen candidates for members of the Council, the list takes into account the at least one candidate designated by each parliamentary club. The board has to choose the members KRS in principle by a majority of 3/5 votes – voting for the parliamentary committee established by the list of 15 candidates.

If you can not choose a 3/5 majority, to vote on the same list, but the choice would be decided by an absolute majority of votes. According to a transitional provision, the first election of the National Court Register by the new legislation, the proposals of candidates for members of the Sejm Marshal shall be submitted within 21 days from the day of announcement in the “Polish Monitor”. Notice ws. Start the procedure of proposing candidates for the members KRS released on January 4. The mandate of the current members of the National Court judges continues until the day before the start of the new term o Continue reading