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Letters, Domestic Figurations & Representations of Whiteness in Southern Africa 1770s-1970s

Our company is in Wonderland, along side Alice, within the written guide compiled by Lewis Carroll. The Knave of Hearts is on test when it comes to crime that is heinous of jam tarts. The court is convened, with all the Red King presiding and also the Red Queen shrieking in the history about executions and ‘off together with head’. Crucial proof will be presented. The White Rabbit, the Clerk for the Court, has got to read out loud the articles of a piece of paper that is discovered. A debate ensues as to whether or perhaps not that is a page, also it provides guidance that is useful to your definitional options that come with exactly what a letter is and therefore what pieces of writing might and cannot be observed to be always a page. The debates unfolds the following.

This indicates at very first sight to be a page compiled by the Knave of Hearts, nonetheless it does not have a ‘direction’ or that which we would now make reference to as being addressed to someone by title. In reality this has very little on the exterior regarding the bit of paper. Continue reading