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George Washington both produced and received a number that is large of, papers, reports, and notes during their life time. Washington had been conscious of their unique spot into the growth of the usa and also as a famed and beloved leader that is military statesman, and had been cognizant that their documents could be of great interest to future visitors. The papers that survive today can be found because of the care that Washington took during their life time, inspite of the often careless and handling that is destructive they encountered after their death.

During Washington’s lifetime Washington ended up being careful because of the company and care of his documents. At various points in his life, Washington created page books (bound volumes with copies of their outbound and incoming letters), used a letterpress (a computer device that made direct copies of writing by lifting a few of the ink through the web web page), and also edited their copies of some of their very early letters, smoothing grammar and term option. In addition, throughout their life he hired secretaries, aides-de-camp, clerks, and copyists to help.

As soon as 1775 throughout the United states Revolution, Washington held the security of their documents at Mount Vernon 2nd simply to the security of their spouse, Martha Washington. George Washington instructed their cousin Lund Washington to deliver “for her in Alexandria, or other host to security on her behalf and my documents.” 1 while the Revolutionary War progressed while the amount of documents he had discount been producing expanded, Washington had been worried with regards to their care, as soon as sending them to Congress in Philadelphia for safekeeping. Continue reading