So How Exactly Does Cannabis Affect Male Potency?

So How Exactly Does Cannabis Affect Male Potency?

You may possibly have heard of cannabis increasing sexual interest. In reality, according up to a study that is new individuals who smoke weed have around 20 per cent more sex in comparison to those that do not use cannabis. Simply because the drug may stimulate sexual arousal.

Exactly what about fertility? Are partners who’ve trouble conceiving more expected to get pregnant and possess children if they simply simply take cannabis?

Let’s simply say that the partnership between cannabis and fertility is quite complicated.

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Cannabis, testosterone, and sperm fertility

A role is played by the male hormone testosterone within the growth of semen. Having low testosterone levels could mean lower sperm fertility, and sperm that is low count means more trouble conceiving.

Relating to a research done on animal models, cannabis male that is affects in 2 distinct stages. Continue reading