This Platform Highlights Ladies Shattering Stereotypes About Latin America Through Photography

A slender figure in all black stretches, elongates, and pirouettes, then rests on a refrigerator door handle he uses as an impromptu barre in the confined kitchen of a New York City apartment. Documentary professional professional professional photographer Sofia Munoz Boullosa took the pictures associated with bleach-haired, 24-year-old ballet dancer on her portrait show, Pedro. The project undermines persistent generalizations of Mexican immigrants by featuring images of Mexican men named Pedro from all ages, backgrounds, and professions today.

You will find Munoz’s Pedro show and dozens more compelling series that is photo Foto Feminas, an on-line platform for feminine photographers from Latin America while the Caribbean. Established and curated by Venezuelan photographer Veronica Sanchis Bencomo, the task includes a month-to-month profile of a photographer that is female Latin American chosen by Sanchis, a month-to-month Instagram takeover, offline displays throughout Latin America, and a mobile library of photography books that travels all over the world. Continue reading