Typical Anal Douche Urban Myths while the Truth About Them

FALSE: Douching may be the way that is only have “clean” anal sex and really should be performed each time just before get it.

Episode 1 for this season does a fantastic job reframing the STI chlamydia as typical and treatable rather than “dirty” or shameful, so that it comes as a little bit of a shock whenever episode 6 apparently takes the stance that douching is an essential part of rectal intercourse to help that it is considered “clean. ” But, is this helpful advice?

Many store-bought anal douches also come in the type of a squeeze-bulb which contains a solution that is chemical of fluid. This cleansing solution are harsh on your tushy’s tissues that are internal that are delicate and delicate, and that can be dry out and irritated by douching fluid (especially when utilized frequently). Irritated cells have actually an increased threat of tearing (ouch! Continue reading