Why ‘I Don’t Date Asian Guys’ Is Problematic (Particularly When Asian Women State It)

You’ve heard about Lily May Mac’s scandalous tweets that have landed her some seriously negative publicity unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week. As time goes by, increasingly more tweets are uncovered, such likening Black people to animals, and even appearing to support White power as her disdain for Asian men, her. Even her mom has made some dubious remarks oasis active in an endeavor to safeguard her child through the backlash she’s received.

But although we can quickly realize that making racist feedback about naming her “Black child boi” dog (preferring names like “Africa” and “Ebola”) and supporting White energy are bad, some netizens are receiving trouble understanding why her remarks regarding Asian guys are negative, also accidentally visiting her protection and reasoning that it’s “just her preference”.

In fact, Lily’s “preference” is a lot more problematic than it first seems, and perhaps perhaps perhaps not for reasons which can be effortlessly seen towards the person that is average.

As somebody who has caused JT Tran of “ABCs of Attraction” for a long time, we talk from experience once I say I’ve visited know very well what it is like for guys into the scene that is dating. I’ll be the first ever to acknowledge that, if dating occurred in a textbook scenario, it is actually fairly simple for ladies. We simply delay until a man asks us down, after which we decide if we’re planning to allow it to take place. Now i am aware so it doesn’t always happen that way, but that’s the way in which culture has long since defined dating, and a good amount of ladies nevertheless get asked down to today. Continue reading