Way down here at 39 deg south I feel we are well served to see so much so quick..

Our planet only exists inside of space.? Any thoughts? Oh and Kalster…I loved the “Closet Singer”……

I have slightly changed my view on this topic: Akin to scientific (brain) and medical (heart) death, I firmly believe scientifically humans are upside down from space and medically we are right side up, because medically it is implied gravity is pulling downward to our feet (our blood and all else). Coloring perspectives, and advancing personal where can i buy an essay
agendas, and the manipulation of the ill-informed and ill-prepared, with at times, both the awareness and unawareness of faulty reasoning. Just search for NASA live feeds. Welcome to us!

Welcome to the forum!I joined this forum some time ago to learn more about science.I am very happy to help new members although my knowledge is still somewhat limited.I must say my level of interest, in the sciences, has soared, mainly over the last couple of years.Now my intention is to write a paper, addressed to the layman, provisionally titled “Theoretical Physics for Beginners”.It is likely some will see this aim as being an over-ambitious target but I feel there is a real need for this kind of information. Continue reading