Sheldon Adelson Outspent by Online Gambling Lobbying

Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson has been outspent by way of a margin that is wide it comes down to on the web gambling lobbying efforts. (Image:

Las Vegas Sands CEO slots of vegas casino instant play Sheldon Adelson could see on line gambling as a threat to his land-based gambling enterprises, but on the web gambling proponents see Sheldon Adelson as a danger for their presence aswell. Perhaps which explains why both sides of the Internet gambling debate have had no trouble blinking some money in their efforts to either protect or destroy gambling that is online the United States.

Among the battlefronts that are major winning over key legislators in Congress who could push through bills or stall the efforts of opponents. As you would expect, there’s been plenty spent on lobbying from all sides of the gaming industry on the issue of Internet gambling. That which you might not have guessed is that billionaire Sheldon Adelson is actually being outspent by his opponents, and by a margin that is significant.

Caesars Significantly Outspending Sands

According to information at, a site that tracks all publicly available informative data on political contributions, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. spent $290,000 during the second quarter of 2014 on their lobbying efforts to stop online gambling. That brought their total for the to $460,000 year.

That’s perhaps not insignificant in the world of lobbying, therefore the results demonstrate Continue reading