Thai Guys therefore the White Ladies Who Love Them

Maria ended up being visiting Bangkok. Itt worked at a muay thai gymnasium. “ Take your shirt off, ” she told him because they tossed some punches.

He did. She nodded approval at their 6 pack.

Two days later she travelled house and shared with her spouse a divorce was wanted by her.

Later on, as Maria Puntasu and Assawa “Itt” Puntasu, they relocated to Kirov, a city 12 hours by train east of Moscow to open up their very own muay Thai gymnasium. Itt jokes that he had been the Thai that is only man Kirov (There are 10 Thai ladies, all spa masseuses).

In Kirov, Russian trolls stated Maria’s kids will be unsightly because she married “a leaping monkey from a palm tree. ” They later on gone back to Bangkok.

But life in Thailand isn’t any more welcoming for couples like Maria and Itt. Significantly more than inquisitive glances from Thais, they encounter icy loathing from international men. The Thai guys battle their very own insecurities along side everyone’s presumptions they have been serial cheaters and abusers who’ve latched onto a piggy bank that is blonde. They’re mistaken for the nannies of their own children in malls and parks.

Samantha Rattanawong along with her spouse Khatawut “Tum” Rattanawong. Picture: Samantha Rattanawong / Courtesy

There clearly was small information regarding the wide range of international ladies hitched to Thai men, nevertheless the instances are unusual when compared to copious coupling of Thai ladies with international males. Continue reading